1. Work in progress: Brittney Griner

    23 Mar 2022
    Work in progress: Portraying Brittney Griner, praying for good things to happen, painting strength, love and resilience 🌊🙏

  2. NFTs on

    15 Mar 2022
    Exciting news! My digital paintings are now available on as NFTs. After a year of looking around, learning and researching I found a creator friendly, carbon-neutral happy place for my digital paintings 🎉🌊🌈Find my gallery at Every artwork comes with a High Resolution Printfile for personal fine art…

  3. About stars aligning, the power of music and the beauty in lifting off

    16 Jun 2021
    Have you heard about that powerful, incredible things can happen when stars align in unique constellations? And when we look up in the right moment we can see it happening and be moved by it, even in life changing ways. Like when Emicida - one of the biggest hip hop…

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