Bring ART to your life that moves like courage & INSPIRATION.

*Visual Storyteller. Making art for your iridescent heart and curious mind, to feel at home with the colors of complexity, with beauty and connection.

Hi Gorgeous, I am Jasha.

Thanks for showing up. I'm Jasha Soyka, a visual storyteller from Berlin, traveling the world with my family.

I make art you can hang on your wall, art that is full of life, colors, waves and overall very talkative. It tells stories about beauty, boldness, heartbreak, ponders complexities, seeks compassion.

I portray humans that inspire me, draw creatures that put me in awe, and document the world around me, while I move - and I move a lot, love movement and mixing up my perspectives like a banged up allicorn looking through a prism, wanting to share the joy and asking all excited “Do you see it too?!!“

  • Bring life to Your Home

    This huge and incredibly high quality print will become the showstopper, the talking point of your space. It will single handedly shape the ambience of all surrounding rooms as well. Super exciting to see these in homes!

    Limited Edition of 7 / 100 x 70 cm 
  • 8531595

    Small Fine Art Prints

    Perfect to style up your desk or countertop. Also so much fun if you want more than one, and like to keep collecting!

    Edition of 100 / 21 x 30 cm 

Like an Open BOOK

Work in progress

I am working on a book, a collection of all the colors thrown around, lines drawn, poetry churned out since 2007.

The book will be available for free as an EBOOK. Sign up here to receive it. I will keep you updated about the process, and send it out once it's done!

I will offer a printed version, too - a beautiful Layflat Artbook with hardcover. Please sign up for details on price and dates.

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